The Team


Dasha Boswell

Artists for Impact originally evolved from Dasha's vision of a coffeehouse open mic to support her community's music and art scene. She is an artist and uses acrylic, charcoal and pastel mediums. Dasha is Secretary General of her high school's Model UN and she is  passionate about social justice issues and international and domestic politics. Additionally, Dasha is fluent in Russian. Although she is unsure about what career she wants to follow in the future, she intends to pursue something that involves community service and political science.

Likes: Kittens, Abstract Art, Music, Stickers, Tea, The Netflix Original Show Sense 8.

Dislikes: 13 Reasons Why, Breakfast Foods, Dark Chocolate

Instagram: @dariakboswell

Twitter: @dariakayb


Ris Igrec

Ris joined Dasha in creating an open mic event shortly after hearing about the idea and helped it develop into Artists for Impact. She is a musician, artist, and video creator. She is also involved in supporting Liberty in North Korea through fundraising and hopes to be able to work directly with North Korean refugees in the future.

Likes: Croatia, Alternative Music, Cartoons, Languages, Photography, Scrunchies

Dislikes: Riverdale, Rude People, Snapchat, Regular Hair Ties

Instagram: @thecroatianqueen